Language Arts & Literacy

Focus: Growing your child’s vocabulary and comprehension skills.

We create ample opportunities for your 2-year-old to practice language and communication through music, play and stories.


  • Learning the letter ā€œCā€ by learning its shape and practicing the sound it makes.
  • Mimicking actions and learning the names of fingers through finger plays.
  • Learning about different types of vehicles, like dump trucks, tractors and buses.
  • Learning the Spanish words for eyes (los ojos) and mouth (la boca) while identifying and drawing pictures of their eyes and mouth.

Mathematics & Science

Focus: Helping your child count, recognize patterns and discover how our world works.

We teach your 2-year-old basic math and science through hands-on activities that build on their natural curiosity about the world.


  • Investigating whether objects sink or float at the water table.
  • Following a recipe to make cornbread using simple math skills, like counting and measuring. 
  • Understanding how plants grow by planting grass seeds and caring for them until they sprout.
  • Learning basic shapes, like circles and squares, by going on a scavenger hunt in the classroom for objects that look like these shapes.

Social & Emotional Development

Focus: Helping your child control their feelings and behaviors.

Our teachers create a patient, supportive environment for your 2-year-old to learn about themselves and forming relationships with others. Your child will participate in activities designed to help them understand trust, empathy, compassion and a sense of right and wrong.


  • Playing cooperatively with other children by painting murals as a class and sharing blocks to build a house.
  • Pretending to have a picnic with classmates in the Dramatic Play center.
  • Discussing ways they can help their family at home through songs.
  • Discussing and celebrating accomplishments and learning about independence from books.

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Focus: Developing your child’s coordination and balance.

Our teachers guide your 2-year-old through activities designed to help refine physical skills that utilize their small and large muscle groups.


  • Feeding themselves with forks and spoons and learning to pour child-size pitchers during family-style meals. 
  • Working on coordination by throwing and kicking balls and conquering obstacle courses on the playground.
  • Learning rhythm through dancing and musical activities.
  • Learning to do basic daily skills.

Character Essentials

Focus: Helping your child grow into a caring individual.

We believe exposing your 2-year-old to common values helps them better understand the society we live in. Throughout the year, we focus on a different value, like honesty, generosity and patience.


  • Introducing the concept of sharing by role playing and reading.
  • Encouraging cooperation by working in pairs.
  • Discussing independence.