Grade 0000 is for children turning 3 within that year.

The Grade 0000 classroom is set up to encourage imaginative play, creative activities, and quiet concentration. The engaging environment draws in a child’s imagination. Inspired children are enthusiastic thinkers. In a daily routine, your child may have a conversation with their friends in the fantasy corner set up as a “play home” or a “market store” area, play dress up, become an action adventurer in the outdoor play area or construct using a variety of medium made available to them. This type of imaginative play expands their language skills and develops thinking that is essential for socialization and integration. Group activities such as painting, baking, and gardening teach teamwork and participation. Storytime requires concentration, discipline and teaches vital listening and comprehension skills. All essential aspects of their daily routine.

Child/Teacher ratio: 1 teacher and 1 assistant per 20 children