Grade 00 is for children turning 5 within that year.

At this stage, we begin preparing your child for an easy start, and excellence in their school career ahead. The environment incorporates opportunities for children to learn through carefully planned activities that challenge each child, building skills in language (e.g. reading and comprehension), math  (e.g. counting, sharing and sorting), and science (e.g. colour mixing, baking and weather studies), in addition  to physical activity, music and art. We do all of this whilst ensuring we are building his or her confidence constantly. Respect for self, others and the environment we share, is at the heart of Umhlali Kids philosophy. By this age, children are competent and confident to face everyday challenges and opportunities and are successful, caring individuals.  These attributes will remain with them, and lead them to happy and successful school career ahead.

Child/Teacher ratio: 1 teacher and 1 assistant per 20 children